Optimising energy usage 

Data centres have been located on ships for many years. As an example, the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers have three data centres onboard, hooked up by 200 miles of fibre optic cable that can transmit data at 13 gigabytes per second. This is a proven tried and tested concept at sea.

By comparison our DataShip is being planned to be moored inshore, on a jetty, berth or on a quayside in a port. One of the major benefits of the DataShip is that it can be built offsite and floated into position speeding up the process of delivery.  It can also be built in more competitively priced places and relocated anywhere in the world. 

The DataShip is an EnviroShip with reduced power generation equipment with the capability to enable the storage of data containers to be located in cell guides at the forward end of the vessel.

The DataShip can bring the following benefits:

  • Utilises the waste energy from power production
  • Significantly cheaper real estate costs
  • Mobility offsets political risk
  • Can use Export credit finance guarantees to finance
  • Can be built quickly
  • Reduced planning consents
  • A truly international data centre
  • Tax advantages
  • Capability to switch to alternative fuel sources