Cleaner decentralised power 

ShipEco Marine has designed the EnviroBarge that incorporates power generation equipment and provides electricity on a temporary or permanent basis to large-scale building or infrastructure projects where the best access is from an adjacent river or waterway. Specifically, the management team of ShipEco Marine has held discussions with a number of property development companies in London and other major cities around the world where existing power supplies are often inadequate for the requirements during the construction period. The proposed barges are to be fuelled by natural gas, or an alternative cleaner fuel can be developed at request, to enable the developers to ramp up their build programme to maximum speed and without being constrained with electricity supply in the local area. 

  • Project management of marine and power engine design and vessel construction mobilisation
  • Designed to international specifications and safety
  • Modular construction the EnviroBarge 
  • Can be retrofitted at a later date to a CHP facility
  • Variety of different cleaner fuel types 


  • Sustainable marine environmental power project
  • Solution meets the power demands of developers
  • Complies with environmental emission requirements
  • Offsite Construction. No planning. 

  • The EnviroBarge can be constructed offsite, enabling accelerated speed of build, which can start prior to permits and permissions being granted by the local authority
  • The solution is temporary, requiring only permissions which are easier to achieve as opposed to that for a longer term solution
  • Helps offset planning and project risks
  • The EnviroBarge significantly reduces the space requirements for a decentralised power systems
  • The solution is comparably priced to that of national grid power
  • Secured shipyard space availability to be constructed within 12 months
  • Operations and maintenance 24 x 7 as required
  • Provides a “just in time” (fast track) energy solution with limited infrastructure requirements (This would significantly reduce the space requirements on the land side).
  • The asset can be relocated or sold on completion of the project