Space provider and clean power

The current vessel identified by ShipEco Marine is based on the increasing global demand and ever growing pressure on certain cities and ports for additional car parking space.

2015 saw 68 million cars manufactured globally and there is increasing less space to store them in both towns and cities. New car manufacture requires export and import and there is reduced space available certain constrained ports. 

ShipEco Marine has identified a niche market for the concept of using an existing vessel in the form of a RO/RO pure car carrier, which is being planned to be modified to create an environmentally conscious floating multi-storey car park known as the “EnviroPark”. 

It is considered that an EnviroPark could, with advantage, be berthed in a port or on a jetty of a major river, and be re-used for the storage of motor vehicles within its decks. 

Power for the vessel itself will be derived from a solar array developed on the main weather deck of the converted car carrier, and a rainwater collection system, filtered and stored onboard, as clean potable water for the local area.

A potential benefit from the power production (generated within the EnviroPark) is the planned future use for electrical car recharge, whilst cars are parked onboard.

There are economic as well as environmental benefits in the innovative EnviroPark solution that frees up strategic and valuable land as opposed to that of the construction of the traditional car park. The Re-Use of a Car Carrier as an EnviroPark and producer of electrical power for clean energy production onboard, for emergency standby for direct export to the grid is a viable prospect, based upon political and economic considerations as well as complying with environmental targets for reduction in carbon emissions in support of global warming sustainable living standards.

We hope you find this concept of interest and look forward to further discussions if you are of interest please click the button and contact us. 

Here is a short list of the potential benefits that such an opportunity would bring to major cities and ports around the world:

  • Greener alternative car parking
  • Cleaner emergency standby power
  • Catalyst for “park and river-ride” into Cities
  • Electrical car recharge points or hydrogen fuel
  • Frees up valuable onshore real estate
  • Mobility enables temporary interim solution
  • Solar panel power system
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Knock-on effect emissions reduced
  • Improves flow of traffic locally 
  • No urban heating problems from tarmac