EnviroShip Delivery

The EnviroShip is a mobile vessel and can move under its own steam to the operational site. Mobility of a EnviroShip also enables it to be financed with Export Credit Agencies and reduces risks, such as project, political, and planning risks. These major risks can be avoided as the vessels are a bolt on, temporary, 'portakabin' solution. They are not fixed to the sea bed and can be removed from the site with relative ease. They do however, enable the wind farm to become a base load power generating facilities and re-use the existing offshore transmisison infrastructure. 

Installation Onsite 


It is assumed that the ship would be permanently moored in the North Sea, around 20 km off-shore, either weather-vanning around a Single Point Mooring, or if met ocean conditions allow, with a fixed heading with a spread-anchor mooring. This simplifies the gas riser and electrical connection.

The EnviroShip will be capable of storing the CO2 onboard in tanks below deck. Once the CO2 feeder vessel arrives it will offload the liquified CO2 to the feeder vessel which once full will then transport the CO2 via ship to the Sleipner Field in the Norwegian Sector North Sea.