Providing cleaner desalination 

ShipEco Marine has identified a niche market for a marine development to use an existing vessel in the form of a Tanker that will modified to create clean fresh potable drinking  water using an environmentally conscious offshore floating desalination plant known as the “WaterShip”.

The WaterShip is capable of producing fresh potable water from a number of cleaner fuel sources including, but not limited to:

  • Renewable Gas
  • Flared Gas or other poor quality gases
  • Stranded Gas 
  • Wave Power 

In addition ShipEco Marine has developed and designed a Managed Brine Dilution System which is capable of cleaning the low concentrate brine to enable the overboard discharge to be the same concentration as the surrounding sea water. Creating an environmentally conscious solution. 

It is considered that the WaterShip could, with advantage, be positioned in inshore waters on a jetty, berth or quayside or be moored further offshore on a single point mooring system close to the available gas fuel source.  

Fresh water from flared gas

Fresh water from RDF pellets

The WaterShip uses the renewable gas produced from household waste or Refused Derived Fuel pellets (RDF). This pellets are crumbed into a smaller mote and entered into an advanced conversion technology system which breaks down the solid into Renewable Gas. The renewable gas onboard is used for power generation for the vessel and the deck machinery for the conversion to freshwater from sea water in a technical vapour compression process. 

  • Each WaterShip produces up to 60,000 t of potable water per day
  • Puts host country at the forefront of offshore desalination
  • Possible export of produced water to neighbouring countries
  • Reduction in significant Co2 Emissions
  • Re-Use of a waste fuel source currently being flared
  • Managed Brine Dilution System - Patented Technology
  • Water tanker off-take capability and/or pipeline
  • Water Storage Tanker in Gulf Ports re-using old tonnage  

The vessels are designed to utilise the existing flared gas (or other lower calorific gas, as its primary fuel source, then convert the surrounding seawater into potable drinking water, through a process known as mechanical vapour compression desalination, whilst at the same time being environmentally conscious though using its patented managed brine dilution system. The key aspects of this EcoShip are the:
  • Production of potable water using flared or alternative gas
  • Clean Development Mechanism Project
  • Environmentally conscious freshwater production 
  • use of waste gas fuel sources
  • conserves natural gas and other fuel sources