Mobile energy for the future

Protean Wave Technology Limited WaveShips can produce clean power, fuel or water. All from the ocean swells through an integrated system built within the structure of the tanks of the ship. The top deck is used for the production of electrical energy. This energy is then used as the driving force to produce the various products. 

Any combination of  power, water and fuel can be tailored for clients who require clean public utilities produced at sea. 

Protean Wave Technology Limited is a subsidiary and special purpose project company for the purpose of WaveShip development. 

Unlike offshore wind energy, WaveShips capture the wind energy that has merely been transitioned into wave energy. The benefits  of using a ship to capture these waves, has major benefits such as:
  • Large tanks for storing products
  • Stable ballasted structure like a fixed platform
  • Ballasting capability to improve wave capture
  • Mobility to access optimum sea conditions 
  • Transportability, reliability and scalability   
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