United Kingdom's - Base Load Energy Gap

The ‘Energy Crisis’ is now just around the corner, following the huge reduction in coal fired generating capacity brought upon us by the European Union legislation known as the Large Combustion Plant Directive.

Soon our nuclear power stations will be too old to safely operate, and any new nuclear power plants will take at least another 20 years to come on stream. Our reliance on imported natural gas is unprecedented, and with a severe lack of base load renewable power generation going on stream. The future does not look particularly bright in times of high demand, until such time that the longer term plans of the UK government can be brought on stream. 

The plans for the larger Nuclear plants being discussed such as Hinkley C will take at least 25 years before any power generation takes place.  There is no short-term to medium-term plan to fix to the problems that we face as a nation. A credible plan plan is now needed. 

Added to all this, the fundamental power system we all lead our lives on is adding in cars and trains  to the mix. Most monetary systems now require power. Cash comes from powered cash points and card terminals in shops. 

Our iPhones and iPads, and other smart phones all use relatively little power, but it is the power hungry data centres which feed the information to the handheld units and all are putting huge pressure on our power requirements going forward. The growth for power from data centres is exponentially growing out of control. 

This following video was developed in 2011 and still applies. It explains the diabolical situation that the United Kingdom will face from 2016 onwards. Not only from a lack of megawatt capacity point of view, but the "dash-for-gas" as a cleaner hydrocarbon fuel source for power generation. With depleting indigenous supplies the UK's energy security is slipping out of control.

Any problems with the imported natural gas flow by pipeline or LNG could have a tremendous impact on overall UK generating capacity at any time.

During the course of the past 5 years, NO power stations over 500 Megawatts have been built due to the downturn in the market,  severe lack of investment due, and endless planning risks for developers. There is also a lack of space availability for major infrastructure in built up areas close to where it is required. With these difficulties in today’s poor financial environment, our energy future looks very bleak in the UK.