ShipEco Marine Limited is a design and consultancy service for bespoke environmental vessels using existing 'off-the-shelf' EcoShip designs to provide clean EcoSolutions. EcoShips can manufacture cleaner ‘public utility’ products that the world needs today, including power, water, gas, data, fuel, heating, and cooling or any hybrid mix specifically tailored for the client’s needs. Other EcoShips can be designed as floating infrastructure for many other applications including ports, construction power barges and car parking.

The company seeks to modify and re-use existing assets and laid up ships for such a purpose. The re-purposing philosophy reduces project costs significantly, brings an unexpected alternative cash flow stream to an otherwise distressed asset, and assists in cleaning up our environment.

Each EcoSolution provides a large-scale clean solution that removes many risks associated with new public infrastructure, increases efficiency and greatly enhances the financing capability by removing political and planning risks for the project sponsors.

EcoShips use cleaner fuel sources that assist in the reduction of carbon dioxide, and other emissions, and:
  • re-purpose laid up ships and distressed assets
  • re-use existing solid and gas waste streams
  • are tailored solutions to produce public utilities
  • are mobile and have reduced planning
  • are based on existing designs
  • create new attractive income streams for ships
  • attract clean energy subsidies and carbon credits
  • reduce the need for land areas next to water
  • provide fast to market solutions when compared to land
See the button above for the various EcoShip designs that can be adapted for clients’ needs and provide bespoke EcoSolutions.    

ShipEco Marine also advises other companies through EcoConsult and offers services to customers and clients in the specific fields of development, design, finance and marketing.

If you are interested in contacting us for further information we would be pleased to hear from you through any of the following channels: