Re-use of existing energy assets and better Applying New Energy Marine Offshore Infrastructure ('ANEMOI') is now needed to enable offshore wind farms to become clean base load power generators for the 21st century.  

The ANEMOI Plan will:

  • Utilise the many stranded gas fields in the North Sea
  • Dramatically improve OWF annual energy production 
  • Optimise offshore transmission infrastructure
  • And by doing this improve the balancing of the grid
This strategic joined up thinking plan will make the link between stranded gas fields and the under utilised offshore electrical infrastructure available in the same vicinity.

The plan intends to convert 5 Gigawatts (GW) of intermittent offshore wind farms into 5 GW of base load power. It will increase the annual energy production of the selected wind farms by a further 60%, and enable the national grid system to be more easily balanced. 

The ANEMOI Plan will also capture the carbon dioxide produced from the power generation, through post combustion CCS, store it onboard and transport it by pipeline or ship to the Sleipner Field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, where the regulation is supported to enable the carbon dioxide to be safely injected into an existing gas field that has successfully stored over 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide during the course of the past 10 years.


The plan has been built around the EnviroShip, a floating mobile power stations capable of connecting to the existing national grid system offshore and will complement the intermittent power being produced, as well as being able to connect directly via under-utilised cables. 

There is currently £15 Billion worth of already installed offshore transmission infrastructure that has a shocking use of less than 30%, that has no current plans to improve its utilisation during its operational lifetime. 

The following short video explains how the Offshore Transmission Owners, Offshore Generators, and UK Plc could benefit from the ANEMOI Plan.  

This strategic development plan for Great Britain will require the building of a number of EnviroShips to assist in:
  • Optimising offshore transmission infrastructure
  • Increasing UK Exports
  • Revitalising the UK's Shipbuilding Industry
  • Increasing UK's Base Load Renewable Energy
  • Creating thousands of jobs for UK Plc
  • Balancing our National Grid Network