The Company

ShipEco Marine is an innovations company that links ideas in different ways to re-use what already exists across different industries. Many of these proven technologies are re-purposed and have little and often no need for further development.

ShipEco Marine was set up in April 2013 and has since been in a research and development mode, looking at a number of projects. The company was set up specifically with the purpose of developing clean green energy, public utility projects to improve strategic national infrastructure, much of which is currently under-utilised. It is this poor utilisation that enables a 'potakabin' temporary like solution to be delivered in the form of converted ships (EcoShips) to optimise the infrastructure in sea areas both inshore and offshore.

The oil and gas industry first came up with the idea of re-using existing tankers as platforms from which to produce from oil fields. These vessels are known as Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels or FPSOs. ShipEco Marine has developed a number of products similar to these FPSOs but in the Renewable Energy arena. In effect these pre-designed modified vessels are Clean Energy FPSOs capable of producing water, gas and electricity.  


The company is now seeking to bring a number of projects to financial close and hopes to use its various skill sets and people to assist clients with hybrid EcoSolutions from the EcoShip concepts to assist in solving large infrastructure problems.

The company can develop projects for the re-purposing of ships for an alternative uses:
  • inshore and offshore configurations
  • different configurations can use different clean energy sources
  • to produce different clean utility products

These are:

  • reusing existing resource
  • flexible/mobile
  • requiring no planning permissions
  • based on completed designs exemplified in past projects
  • attracting green subsidies.
The watch the company video below to get an overall view of the world issues, the companies vision and  how to assist with fast delivery of floating public utilities and infrastructure solutions.