Diving Support Vessels (DSVs) are offshore construction support vessels which have a subsea construction capability due to the saturation diving system installed onboard enabling divers to work at deep depths. ShipEco Marine and its team are the original designers of these successful vessels and are now seeking to develop new designs as these ships are now coin to the end of they economic lives. The design and implementation of this construction vessel will support the work scope of:

  • Construction / Installation of subsea infrastructure 
  • Trenching: Flexible pipe and umbilical laying 
  • Cable laying and repair 
  • General infrastructure and maintenance 
  • Pipeline hook up and repair

The following outlines some of the vessel applications which this utility ship the 'intervention vessel' can offer. 

  • Support operations
  • Emergency: Firefighting 2, and onboard hospital
  • Sonar seismic operations
  • DP simulator facility
  • remote operated vehicle suite
  • Saturation diving support complex 

Basic diving support operations with a split level 18 man saturation diving system being able to cope with double bell run if necessary enabling a number of divers to be working at the same time. This provides a first class vessel for sub sea light construction work where divers can co-operate with crane operators on the surface to lower down materials and tools for use on the seabed. 

Operations of manned and unmanned remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can be lowered into water either throughout he moonpool or using an A-Frame on the after end of the main working deck. The ROV will be capable of surveying subsea pipelines and cables directly from a specifically designed roc control Room suite located in the accommodation block of the ship.

Cable and pipe burying support and operations enable new pipes to be buried or existing pipes to be relayed under the seabed with the help of divers to monitor or operate specialised equipment. The dynamic positioning system is also used to keep the ship on station and in the right location at all times.  

A detachable carousel can be fitted to the aft deck of the multipurpose subsea support vessel for small cable laying operations. This temporary unit can easily be removed when ROV and/or diving operations are taking place, proving more deck space and increasing safety. 

Sonar capability fitted to the after deck of the vessel can be used to detect and report, seabed survey, and other sonar related operations such as rock formation testing.