Existing Developments 

The following projects are very large scale solutions for the UK Government, and potentially other Government around the world who wish to roll out similar ideas using our intellectual property. These projects are specifically site located and have been upscaled using EcoShips to solve some of the major issues the UK is seeing in 21st Century Britain. These 6, potentially national strategic projects constitute the past 5 years worth of work and have been developed with major institutions.


The ANEMOI Plan is a plan to use EnviroShips 'offshore' and connect them to existing offshore wind farms thereby optimising the existing infrastructure. The Plan would use the many stranded gas fields as the fuel source which are located adjacent to the wind farms in the Southern North Sea. The Plan could convert 5 Gigawatts of intermittent wind farms into 5 Gigawatts of base load power power helping  Great Britain bridge her growing base load energy gap. 


Project ALPHA takes household waste pellets and converts them into a reusable gas known as Renewable Gas using a ship offshore known as a GasShip. The project has been specifically designed to re-use existing redundant pipelines available in the North Sea. It is a scalable project to add ships to and to substantially remove landfill from the UK. 


Project OMEGA is a project to use EnviroShips to provide electricity close to major ports and cities as the waste heat can be used to good effect. 

A biofuel fuel source enables power to be produced with a natural pre-combustion carbon capture and storage sequestration to take place during the growing of the fuel. The EnviroShip therefore has the capacity to actually go carbon negative. 


Project PROTEUS is a state of the art, scaleable wave energy, renewable energy project for the 21st Century. Its aim is to design a sustainable energy vessel, which could be deployed offshore, to produce clean hydrogen at sea.


Project TETHYS is currently planned for fresh water production using the sustainable fuel source of flared gas or stranded gas and household waste pellets using the vast waste energy resources which is available today and which are wasted by being land filled and flared. 


Project Triage is being developed to create the greatest good for the greatest amount of people following any major coastal-based natural disaster. The project is one of the first pro-active projects driven by the people of the world.